Hummingbird Boutique came about from my own online shopping addiction. I found that some days I would search and search and either not find what I was looking for or I would find a dress on one site, a bag on another and a gift on another. Being a fairly money conscious person I would end up buying nothing as I couldn’t justify the hefty postage costs. So, my aim with Hummingbird Boutique is that if you have an event to go to you can get your outfit, accessories and a present for the host all in the one spot. It saves you money by not forking out postage to multiple sites and time as you don’t have to search multiple sites to find what you’re looking for.

As I’m sure you can imagine, starting a new business like this takes time and lots of research. So, I ask that you be patient as I slowly add more and more items to the site as I find suitable suppliers. I want to be able to supply you with high quality products, so I won’t settle for anything less than good stock but this may take time.

I’ve got some incredible items lined up for you coming into the new season so I hope you sign up to my mailing list to ensure you’re kept up to date with all the new arrivals.

Happy Shopping